"The Smoking Tom" T.K. Liken, Indian Wells CC, 2011"

THE NATION GOLF STORY starts with Thomas Kay Liken; a man who lived to be 94 years-old but left a legacy we are honored and determined to carry on, with you, for generations. T.K., as his friends called him, will forever be remembered for his integrity, kindness, and quiet strength. He was a war veteran, a businessman, a loving patriarch, and a great golfer. He treated golf not as a sport, but as a game. He used golf as a catalyst to gather his family and friends for a 30-year run of the T.K. Liken Annual Scramble. The tournament was a celebration of the very best aspects of the game we all love. It was about style, class, respect, camaraderie, banter, and making memories with the people you cherish the most. T.K. affixed the perfect sentiment to his event, and it serves as our inspiration today; To meet and enjoy the fellowship.

 Nation Golf strives to carry on the values TK imparted upon us. To do things with a distinguished flair for the golden-era. To preserve the swanky style of a well-dressed golfer. To respect the game by treating it as just that; a game. But most importantly, to meet and enjoy the fellowship.

Nation Golf is proud to use The Smoking Tom caricature—not only as our company’s insignia, but as our identity, too.
Adam Hawk (L) and Ryan Engle (R)



Founder, CEO, Majority Owner, Proud Grandson

Ryan Engle is a decorated former professional surfer and current surfboard shaper. He grew up riding around in his Grandpa Tommy’s classic golf cart through various tracks in the Coachella Valley learning about timeless style and refined etiquette. His relentless appreciation for everything he created Nation Golf to be stems from his grandparents, the desert, and Arnold Palmer. Ryan is dedicated to reviving an era of golf fashion and charm that should have never died. He designs every apparel item from his home state of California.


CMO, Minority Owner, Great Friend, Average Golfer

Adam Hawk is a sports media professional with an affinity for golf born from his mom’s love of the game. She took Adam golfing for the first time, she showed him the Masters on TV, and she lived and died on every Tiger Woods’ six-footer with him for the last two decades. Adam stumbled upon Nation Golf through Instagram and instantly wanted to be a part of growing the company. He loved the unique fashion and believed in the vision. In late 2019 Adam approached Ryan about working with him and a trip to Indian Wells Country Club solidified the partnership.