7th Annual Nation Derby (TEAM ENTRY / TWOSOME)

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Welcome to the wildest nine holes in golf. Except this is about so much more than golf. It's about everything surrounding it. The boat ride, the island, the town, the dive bars, the dinner with the field, the memories, and, of course, the fellowship.

The 7th Annual Nation Derby will take place on Saturday, November 13th at the iconic Catalina Country Club in Avalon, California--High-Noon. Nothing about this event is for the faint of heart. Getting to the island is a hike, staying alive for all nine holes in the Derby is a Herculean challenge, and getting back to the mainland in one piece is damn near impossible. 

The format alone will spike your ticker and make you think twice about signing up. 

-2-man teams, alternate-shot

-Horserace format (all teams play the same hole at the same time).

-High scores from each hole eliminated from the Derby from the holes 3 through 7

-Top two scores from the eighth hole--regardless of the number of remaining teams--advance to the ninth hole to decide the Derby.

We can't guarantee your team will play more than three holes of golf. But we can guarantee you'll have one of the best and wildest weekends of your life because, again, this is about the experience surrounding the golf--not just the golf.

Even if you don't win, you'll still leave the island with a world famous gift bag from Nation Golf, dinner and drinks on the house, 39 new friends, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Space is extremely limited so sign-up now to reserve your team's spot!

Entries are sold as team entries. One entry gets you two players into the Derby.

This event is non-refundable. All entry sales are final without exceptions. If you and/or your teammate cannot make it after you've purchased your entry, you are solely responsible for replacing the player(s). 

Players are highly recommended to make accommodations (boat rides and hotel) as soon as possible. Dinner will be provided after the Derby and beers are complementary.